A media effectiveness guide for CMOs (and CFOs)

Media effectiveness

Media effectiveness measurement has been gaining importance in the macro-economic headwinds. As CFOs demand proof of ROI, CMOs are tasked with proving and improving the value of media. There is no time to waste. Google’s new guide will give any CMO a short-cut to setting up media effectiveness for success, by explaining three key steps:

  1. Setting fundamentals in place with a measurement owner overseeing the full customer journey and establishing a clear KPI and metric structure, including both performance and branding outcomes.
  2. Implementing a measurement ecosystem by learning how to apply attribution, marketing mix modelling, and incrementality on brand and sales outcomes.
  3. Creating a test-learn-improve cycle by building a learning culture and a continuous practice of generating and testing hypotheses and scaling only tactics that have been proven to work.

The guide is just as helpful in structuring the media effectiveness efforts of CMOs as in educating CFOs on the value of softer outcomes like brand building and how this can be measured.

You can download the guide here.